Roger Edholm
Photo Art Direction and
Catalog Consultant

I worked at The Orvis Company as an Art Director for about 14 years, designing the Mens, dog, gift, and home catalogs. I was also responsible for all the on figure, location and studio photography in those books. I've worked for Lands'End, and was Creative Director at TravelSmith.

For a good number of the years I spent at Orvis, I had the pleasure of working with James Daley. His design abilities are off the charts. He can design an award winning ad, logos or catalog pages that will shine above everyone else's. He's a fabulous illustrator and creates magic in photoshop. The skills he brings to the table will surpass most others. But above all, and most importantly, he's humble, has a great sense of humor, doesn't get flustered, and he's fast. And bottom line, he's a nice guy and would be a great addition and an asset to any design team.

Ken Mowry
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Executive

What makes James’ design work even more impressive is how easy it is to work with him. James makes you feel very comfortable and in good heads when he tackles your projects. His natural curiosity for details, and ability to quickly explore various directions creatively are tremendous assets. His enthusiasm for his craft brings out the best from all contributors.

Nicol Whalen
Project Manager, State of Vermont Judiciary Division

James is an exceptional artist, brand designer and collaborator. How he approaches his work is just as important as the quality of what he creates. Attention to every detail in all aspects of what he does. It was a pleasure to work with James and see how his career grew over the years.

Paul Fersen
Senior Copy Writer,
The Orvis Company (ret.)

I worked with James for a number of years at the Orvis Company. James was the graphic designer and I was the copywriter and together we were responsible for creating the national ads and the outdoor catalogues for the company. Not only was James collaborative and easy to work with, but his graphic design talent was unmatched in the industry and as good as one could find in any industry. His artistic ability created imagery for both the ads and catalogues that inspired me to do my best work. The end result always gave me a sense of pride and a greater admiration year after year of James’ talent. James is a perfect example of the combination of talent, inspiration and collaboration. Looking back at what we were able to accomplish, I attribute it mostly to James’ talent which inevitably inspired me to do my best work. The ultimate arbiter of James’ talent are the results as shown in the outdoor sales over these past few years and a positive reflection on his ability. There is no one I enjoyed working with more.

Kevin Philips
Head of Operations
at ClayShare

I've worked with a number of world-class designers throughout my career and James is in the very top tier of them all. Unbelievably talented in both design and executing clients' vision.

Reid Bryant
Endorsed Operations Manager at Orvis

James is a tremendous asset to any project where creativity, keen aesthetic, timeliness, and organization is required. No task is too big, and James is quick to problem solve. The quality of his work is impeccable, and I have been wholly impressed at his ability to turn around work in short order. I have worked with James on projects ranging from book design to catalog/ad design to bespoke illustration, and I will certainly work with him again given the chance. A great collaborator!

Philip Bibens
Graphic Designer,
Titleist Golf

I had the pleasure of working with James for 6 years while we both were with Orvis and had the opportunity to see his career grow and grow within the company. He is a phenomenal designer and artist with skill sets that are unmatched. He will take any idea or concept and create something that stands out in any market and wow you. From the time I was there to the time I left I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to his craft and career. What always stood out to me is his ability to create amazing designs from email, catalog, apparel graphics and logo work, to anything he was asked. His ability to be always creative is a breath of fresh air and unmatched. It is such an amazing thing for the company and contagious to the team around him. His strong skill set and knowledge for design would make any company stand out in there market. He has helped me grow in so many areas that I’m confident he could help any company he joined grow as a whole and as a team!