Do the Right Thing Awards

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    The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County recognition ceremony was held on Thursday, February 1, 2024 at Punta Gorda Police Department. The following students were recognized:

    Summer Lince, Lemon Bay High School, Grade 12                   

    Summer was honored for her quick thinking. She and a friend were at Taco Bell and noticed a woman with a gun in the drive-thru. They alerted the employees, and the other customers and then got on the ground where Summer called her mother to dial 911. She and her friend Raquel joined others in hiding in the bathroom until Law Enforcement Arrived. Summer's quick thinking in seeing something say something alerted all those in the Taco Bell. She kept a level head and used the training she received through the school district's Active Assailant Training. Summer is a Tutor at Myakka River Elementary and we are so proud of her lifesaving actions!

    Raquel Laskowski, Lemon Bay High School, Grade 9                   

    Raquel was honored for being observant. Raquel alerted Summer that a lady had a gun in the drive-thru. Summer yelled out to the restaurant and was able to get everyone to safety. I am so proud of these girls for their quick action.


    Emma Galley, Sallie Jones Elementary School, Grade 5                         

    Emma was honored for being compassionate.  A new student joined Emma’s class from Cuba. This student did not speak English and Emma does not speak Spanish, but she figured out a way to communicate with this new girl by asking her to download Google Translate. Emma is incredibly kind in taking time to speak with the new student every day. It has made this classmate feel so welcome!


     Amy Torres Vora, Sallie Jones Elementary School, Grade 5                     

    Amy was honored for her leadership skills. Amy has been an incredible friend to a student that just moved from Cuba to Florida. This student did not know any English and Amy speaks Spanish fluently and was so kind to make her feel comfortable in a new place and new school. Amy has made sure other students in the class can speak with the new student by teaching some Spanish words. She's been a great leader.


    Noah Scaringella, Classical Christian Academy, Grade 2                    

    Noah was honored for alerting others of a jet ski accident. Noah and his family partially witnessed a jet ski accident in Laishley Park. Noah said, “mom let me go, I’m a faster runner, and can swim really well.” I quickly said no. Noah did seek help from boaters to assist. He ran, and he ran fast telling the boaters, “Can you please go to the pier, the one you can’t fish off of, there was an accident, can you help, someone is in the water”? I got there a couple of seconds after to reiterate what was going on, and 2 boats quickly went to the pier to help. Noah saw many of the police officers, fire fighters, and FWC officers he knew from school and cub scouts walk by, he continued to ask how the man was, and that he was praying for him and them. I am beyond proud of Noah for being so eager to help, and confident in his running and swimming skills. He also made sure to talk to his little sister and friend about how they needed to stay far enough away from the accident scene to not interfere with the space the rescue workers. All of this from a seven-year-old, who struggles with a sensory processing disorder and anxiety! This kid was so thankful that God put him in a place to be able to help someone in need (even though I kept him at a distance).

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